TeamShare for member associations and interest organizations

Do you often need to communicate with your members and get a quick overview, that shows the status of the individual member and at the same time shows documents and emails, that the organization has sent or received?

If this is to be done in a streamlined process, then you need to have the correspondence with your members available along with cases and documents in the same system.

TeamShare is a system, that collects member information, related cases with documents and emails. All data can be made available – company data, member information, cases, projects, emails, documents and history. All data can be easily searched via structured, forms searches and with free-text search.

In TeamShare, you can also search member data directly in Outlook and you can send bulk or individual emails, where data can be mail merged and sent with automatic archiving.

It's quick to learn and easy to use. For example, you get:
  • Complete integration with Outlook, so that your employees can send emails directly from their own email accounts, based on contact information from TeamShare – emails are automatically saved to the member and available to others in the organization. 
  • Facilities managing of members’ roles and eliminating duplicates during correspondance
  • Flexible updating of contact information and synchronization with external databases.
  • An historical overwiew of a member or contact – who did they have contact with, what was it about and when was it? You can see all emails and documents that are related with that person.
  • Easy access to communicate with a specific group of people or members. This can either be ad hoc or saved in TeamShare, if you require to communicate with them again.
  • TeamShare is fully integrated with Microsoft Office, so all features are easily accessible on Word, Excel, etc.
It's easy and it saves time!
Search and find

Basically, you can find whatever you need, from member / contact information to specific people or emails and documents.

You can either search for a project and see contacts, emails and documents, or you can search for a member and see roles, projects, emails and their entire history.

TeamShare supports the processing of personal, sensitive and accessible information in regards to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with built-in tools for insights, reports, etc.

If you want to see all the benefits, please contact Christian Kirkedal and get a non-committal presentation. You can write to Christian on or call directly on mobile +45 60 70 70 60.

Lector is a supplier on SKI framework agreement and can deliver TeamShare on competitive terms to the public.