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This module is based on inbound data and is set up to handle goods regardless of their T-status.


The module provides separate accounts and reports for each status type, bonded, duty paid or transit.


This functionality may be extended to support any other future type changes, provided these are supported by the Inbound module.


The module is extended, providing applications to support a Customs Control situation (BondedAccount) and an application to compare bonded goods with the physical warehouse accounts (BondedSettlements).



Warehouse overview


Bonded Accounts
Bonded Account provides a complete history of stock movements for a single Customs Reference number.

Documentation for all stock settlements for the selected import declaration are shown, including invoices, customs clearance declarations, exports and references to T-Documents.


Bonded Settlements
The Bonded Settlements application is used to compare bonded inventory with data from the physical warehouse.

This comparison can be done as a snapshot once at certain intervals or live, and the result is displayed in the application overview window.

A rebalancing occurs when the user marks differences for settlement and creates customs clearance declarations.


Bonded Reports


Import Settlement
The Import Settlements module is a collection of utility applications for handling Inbound data.

The module includes the following:

  • EDI/XML data export
  • Customs clearance/payment of duty on bonded goods w/o removing goods from the warehouse
  • Temporary removal or reservation of bonded goods (See Reservations)
  • ProForma export either based on consolidated data.


Bonded Reservations
If goods are temporarily removed from a warehouse, a difference will occur in relation to Bonded goods accounts.


In order to alleviate this problem Bonded Reservations is used to temporarily remove goods from the virtual warehouse.


This is done in order to prohibit unintentional settlements in connection with return-goods, goods for destruction and other cases where a difference might occur.


The application offers the following functions:

  • Cancel a reservation by moving the goods back to the virtual warehouse
  • Pay duty by creating a normal customs clearance
  • Make a special customs clearance (e.g. goods for distruction)
  • Make a proforma export (e.g. return to supplier) 


Guarantee Manager
The Guarantee Manager provides quick and easy access to all forms of customs debt registered in LTS.


It is possible to set a limit for each form of debt, including thresholds. The module can then provide early warning messages to key personal when thresholds are exceeded. User defined reports are also available.




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