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This module provides integration to local or domestic customs and fulfils all requirements for the movement or export of goods.


The process may be fully automated or manual, with the system providing endless possibilities for data editing.

Outbound data can be distributed via EDI/XML to external vendors or trading partners, reducing costs and ensuring a correct and speedy delivery.



Outbound overview


Shipment Overview

The Shipment Overview module provides an overview of handled and unhandled outbound goods.


Outbound Shipments and exports are created from her, either automatically or manually.


These shipments are normally based on invoicing data but custom setups for other forms of data activation are available.


The overview page provides links to all other outbound modules.


Shipment Edit

The Shipment edit module provides endless possibilities for editing data and generating pro forma shipping invoices for customs use only.


Export Overview

Export Overview shows all exports on the selected shipment.


The overview shows a clear status for each individual export and provides easy access to all mandatory documents.


Export Edit

The Export Edit user interface allows the user to edit data should the document return from customs with an error.


Export Data distribution

Outbound XML data via EDI may also be sent to Trading Partners where required.


This turn data can be used in a varietey may be used when importing goods at the destination.



All statutory documents necessary for the movement of goods are provided. Specially developed documents are available for outbound goods.


T1->T2 Converter

Movement of goods between T1 and T2 pools is also available for user with an administration role.


Moving these goods automatically ensure that duty is paid by making a customs clearance declaration.



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