The Administration module includes a variety of applications for setting up and monitoring LTS.

This provides internal resources with the necessary tools, ensuring the running and maintenance of system data with minimal effort.

Administration overview

Financial Data Export
Financial data – including duty, import VAT and other fees – received from customs are exported via an LTS adapter.

Exchange Rate load
The Customs Exchange Rates module helps users avoid manual data entry by loading a complete file of exchange rates into the system.

The user downloads the monthly file and the system picks it up and displays all differences from the previous month – or file transfer – before saving the contents to LTS.

HS Code Load
This module keeps all HS codes up-to-date and is included in the Service & Support agreement.

The LTS keeps an updated version of Taric in the system and provides the user with all the information necessary to make a correct classification of the goods being declared.

Manual File Import
Manual File Import is a backup system for loading files into LTS if the automatic file transfer should fail for some reason.

It can also be used for test purposes.

Report Templates
The LTS system has it’s own license free reports generator. Custom reports can therefore be defined as needed.

Integration with Data Refinement Module
 provides an adaptor for import and export of data, each having its own Data Refinement Module in order to obtain the highest data quality possible.

The Data Refinement Module always provides a response to all files received, with a specific description of any errors or abnormalities found.

System Log
All system changes are logged.

Import Specification Handler
Local Customs normally provide a specification file over all imports for a given period of time.

The Import Specification module allows the user to import this file and compare its contents to LTS data.

The system clearly marks all reference numbers where there is a difference between the specification and the system, thereby avoiding the tedious and time consuming task of inspecting each individual transaction.

Task monitor

User defined KPI/reports are available for all four major modules. Examples could be, user-errors, bonded savings, etc.

User Management
 User management is available in order for a company to create or revoke user rights/roles at a moment’s notice and without involving support personal.

System Configuration / System defaults
A comprehensive defaults value setup is available, eliminating time consuming processes in handling inbound and outbound goods.

One example would be to provide the user with information, which is mandatory in a certain situation.

Another could be to add customized elements to a document pertaining to the country of export.

Data Exchange Monitor
The data exchange monitor registers and logs transactions with external trading partners.

Track & trace is available for all file transfers activated by a user.

Lector Data Exchange Application is designed to communicate with any trading partner registered In the LTS system.

It is used for file transfer to:

  • Manifest
  • Told2000
  • eExport
  • NCTS
  • Other trading partners including transport companies.