TeamShare + Teams = Perfect cooperation

With the new ability to integrate TeamShare and Teams, you and your organization can now work even more efficiently together.

Need better tools

TeamShare has for many years been an effective tool for handling documents, cases and managing workflows. This means that employees can spend their time creating value for customers, citizens, and members.

Within the last few years, both workflows and workplaces have changed. More people work from home and many companies therefore focus on collaboration and flexible working methods and tools, without compromising data security. This has made it necessary for employees and managers to have the best possible tools in all categories, so that they can work flexibly, safely, and quickly with as much help as possible from both the solutions that support the work and the way they work together, without losing control of data and processes.

Microsoft Teams is one of the solutions that has made it easier to work together, no matter where you sit, by giving employees the opportunity to both write and call each other, as well as share information and documents. Teams are also integrated with the rest of the products in the Office 365 package and have thus become a natural tool for most people.

At Lector, we asked our customers whether they had used Teams in their organization, and all answered that they, to a greater or lesser degree, used Teams daily.

Which parts of Teams are used:

We use chat with individuals and groups 39%
We create Teams and channels, and share knowledge through them 24%
We collaborate with external users and invite them to our Teams 22%
We share documents via Teams, so this is also where we edit them 15%
We do not use Teams 0%
Complete integration

TeamShare is characterized by a close integration with the Office suite. With integration with Teams, this means that users will also be able to seamlessly share documents across TeamShare and Teams in the future, thereby achieving the best of both worlds. The integration automatically introduces the user to the latest version of the document, no matter where it has been edited, and TeamShare keeps track of version history, searches, and compliance.

The integration makes users able to access TeamShare documents directly from a chat.

Order in matters

Lector’s integration between TeamShare and Teams takes care of the disadvantages document management in Teams does not address.

TeamShare also solves the challenges of getting a complete overview of your documents via the comprehensive search engine built into TeamShare, just as TeamShare provides a complete version overview, which also indicates whether a version has been prepared in TeamShare, Office for web or via Teams.

In Teams, the chat is often used to exchange less formal information, which can also be important to store. Therefore, it is also possible to save a chat conversation in TeamShare. All information is indexed and made searchable automatically.

At the same time, TeamShare’s extended GDPR support handles the risk of data breaches and ensures that the “right to be forgotten” and a subject access case is manageable in practice and is carried out exhaustively and correctly.

Overall, this means that TeamShare remains the natural place to get a complete overview of all information.

Get it your way

We can deliver the integration between TeamShare and Teams in the way that best fits your strategy.

If you have a strategy to host environments yourself, have your own employees to run servers, etc., then we deliver on-premise for you.

If you want to use your Office 365 licenses and use the cloud where it makes sense, we can also use your SharePoint Online in a hybrid setup, so that documents are stored there, but the rest of TeamShare is handled either on your own servers or hosted by Lector.

Finally, of course, we offer a complete cloud solution where you get TeamShare-as-a-Service. This means that Lector is responsible for everything, incl. backup and updates.

With the integration between TeamShare and Teams, Lector continues the tradition of delivering a solution that supports the workflows effectively and provides time for the value-creating work – for the benefit of employees, customers, citizens, and members.

TeamShare supports the Personal Data Regulation (GDPR) with built-in tools for e.g. insight cases, reports etc.
Read more about the Personal Data Ordinance here.

Lector is a supplier on SKI framework agreement and can deliver TeamShare on competitive terms to the public.