TeamShare - Powerful case and document management

TeamShare is a case management and document management system, that easily and elegantly solves the organization’s documentation task.

TeamShare is also a specialized tool that ensures your organization’s assets, in the form of documents and emails, are easily accessible to employees.

TeamShare is designed to support an organization’s knowledge sharing in both the private and public sectors.

Office integration

The user experience has always been a crucial part in the development of TeamShare, and almost all TeamShare functionality is be available directly from Microsoft Office.


TeamShare allows you to search for documents based on all information associated with the document. Free text search is also fully supported as is OCR (Optical Character Recognizion).

Outlook email journaling

Quick access to direct email journaling via drag n’ drop is an example of the high level of integration with Microsoft Office.


TeamShare supports several simultaneous address books. There is full rights management on all address books so you have complete control over who can see, add, edit or delete contacts in an address book.

Architecture that supports integration

TeamShare is built on Microsoft SharePoint, and with SOA as the foundation for internal communication, it is easy to integrate with your organization’s other systems.

TeamShare advantages
  • Improved knowledge sharing with excellent search facilities, giving quick access to documents, images, charts and more

    • Faster archiving and indexing of documents
    • Better overview of company documents
    • Less “anarchy” in the document archive and efficient searching makes it easier to find the required data
    • TeamShare uses Lucene, an open source search engine that delivers results as quickly as you’re used to from Google

  • Effective project management tool with flexible customization of workflows and templates

    • Automatic workflows minimize the risk of errors and speed up the process
    • Documents templates and workflows make it easy to create new projects
    • Better case overview through workflows, assigning tasks automatically and creation documents via templates

  • Possibility of integration other systems

  • More user-satisfaction who concentrate on their critical job functions, rather than creating folders and setting up tasks manually

  • Enhances user processes through full Outlook and MS Office integration

    • Drag n’ drop archiving of emails in Outlook

  • Standard system built upon SharePoint and integrated with AD

    • Using Active Directory and TeamShares own management software makes maintaining, updating and creating new users easy and simple

  • Improved security through the use of rights management and roles

  • Improved internal communication with colleagues

    • Gives new communication possibilities by directly on projects or cases via “wall-posting”, as it is known from social media

  • Approved deliverance system by the Danish National Archives
    • We have assisted several of our customers with their deliverance to the Danish National Archives.

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TeamShare understøtter behandling af personfølsomme og -henførbare oplysninger i forbindelse med Persondataforordningen (GDPR) med indbyggede værktøjer til bl.a. indsigtssager, rapporter mm.

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