ESS - Standard solution for inquiry handling

ESS is a standard solution that digitizes the process around case processing of inquiries.

Based on Microsoft technology, ESS closely integrated with Word and Outlook.

The system consists of the following modules

Advantages by using ESS for inquiries
  • Streamline and automate the processes of handling inquiries
  • Reducing the time employees spend on case management
  • Independence of individuals handling cases
  • Better overview and visibility in the life cycle of individual cases
  • All events and documentation regarding the cases are gathered in one place
  • Compliance with milestones and deliveries in the case
  • Improved data capture and reduction of errors, increasing data quality
  • Opportunity for continuous monitoring and monitoring of KPIs, as well as management reporting and statistics
  • Possibility of using NemID (Danish National Identification system)
  • Can be integrated into websites, customer registers and other applications for example document management solutions or other systems
Featured functionality

Effective digitization
ESS simplifies procedures for the case worker, and provides structure for the case work, as well as subsequent reporting. Document and task management ensures that all information is available on the case.

Overview and quick response
Cases are searched through listings and use of searches. The case is managed in the case window, with an overview of the process, and access to the status of the case and the next step.

User friendly dialogue
An intuitive and recognizable user interface, where ESS integrates with Microsoft Office, benefits the daily use.

Management information with both details and overview
Overview of the case processing, through predefined reports or ad-hoc via data analysis that can be further processed in spreadsheets.

Online registration of inquiries
The ESS Web module allows you to create an inquiry electronically. Based on the information that is to be registered, the case is created in ESS, without the inquirer having direct access to ESS. The module’s responsive design automatically adapts to different screen sizes – e.g. desktop, smartphone and tablet.

Electronic communication between parties
The ESS Portal module allows communication with external parties involved in a case without these having direct access to ESS. Comments can be created and answered on the case, upload documents, and receive news about the case.

Flexible system
ESS is built as a framework system that is configured and easily customized or modified according to current workflows/needs. It has ample opportunity for integration or data exchange with other systems.

ESS supports the processing of personal, sensitive and accessible information in regards to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

ESS may expanded with the following modules: ESS Web, ESS Portal and ESS Meeting.

If you want to hear more about ESS, contact Christian Kirkedal and arrange a non-committal presentation. You can write to Christian at or call directly on mobile +45 60 70 70 60.

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