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This module handles sales/invoiced transactions or the movement of bonded goods, depending on the individual setup chosen.

AutoSettlements provides a high level of customisation for the valuation of outbound goods and ensures that duty is paid on non-community goods entering the EU zone.

Resulting data is moved to the Outbound module for goods destined for export, thus providing a high degree of automation as this data has already been validated and cleared.



Settlements overview


Auto Settlements
All goods sold or moved – depending on the setup - are candidates for auto settlements.


This module ensures that full documentation for all bonded goods sold or moved is readily available for customs inspection at all times.


Customs Clearance
All goods sold to the EU for a given period of time will automatically be bundled and sent to customs for clearance and thereby payment of duty.


Preference Handler

This Preference Handler is used to control the use of preference documents resulting in a reduction in payment of duty.

The Handler is activated through the Auto Settlements process and ensures that all preference documents are used correctly.

The Handler also produces candidates for Replacement Certificates. These candidates are revoked if unused by associated exports, making efficient use of available GSP document pieces.

Bonded Sales Handler
The Bonded Sales Handler is activated by the Auto Settlements process and enables a company to invoice bonded goods to customers based in the EU.


Stock Movement Handler
The Stock Movement Handler registers the movement of bonded goods outside the permitted zone without the goods being invoiced.


Replacement Certificates
The Replacement Certificates User Interface makes use of the candidates created by the Preference handler, to produce GSP replacement certificates to.



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