TeamShare contract management

Lector has expanded TeamShare with a contract management module. The module is an integral part of TeamShare and is included free of charge. For most organizations will this result in finacial savings having one less system that needs to be maintained.

Contract management is a natural part of document management, and therefore it makes good sense to have ontegrate them as it eliminates the need to switch between different programs or to transfer data manually.

In addition to financial benefits of having fewer programs, there is of cource the savings that lies in having contracts terminated before expiration or being renegotiated when the contract is set to expire. This is possible by having a good overview of the contracts, as well as by receiving reminders about expiration or renegotiation. You get that i TeamShare.

Contracts exist in many guises, e.g. as formal signed documents in PDF format, but also as approved meeting minutes, emails with approvals or something completely different. Therefore all types of documents can be marked as contracts and handled accordingly.


By managing contracts in TeamShare, it also becomes possible to create automated processes that contain contracts e.g. when the approval of your immediate supervisor is required before signing or proofreading.

Tasks are linked to the individual contract and can be assigned to both roles or a specific employee as needed. That way, it is easy to get an overview of upcoming and completed tasks.

Contract management is an integral part of TeamShare. The module is controlled and configured via the administration module. It should be mentioned that there is no need for coding – everything is done with configuration of lists, workflows, with drag-and-drop and allocation of rights.

Digital signature

In addition to contract management, TeamShare can also handle digital signature of contracts and documents. The solution can be integrated with the supplier of signatures you want, i.e. eSignature.

TeamShare supports the processing of personal, sensitive and accessible information in regards to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with built-in tools for insights, reports, etc.

If you want to see all the benefits, please contact Christian Kirkedal and get a non-committal presentation. You can write to Christian on or call directly on mobile +45 60 70 70 60.

Lector is a supplier on SKI framework agreement and can deliver TeamShare on competitive terms to the public.