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Standard software from Lector


An essential element for Lector is our focus on the establishment of standard solutions.


A feature of all our solutions is the utilization of existing software from leading vendors such as Microsoft and Oracle. This starting point allows us to optimize and integrate - the reason why we offer unique applications rather than be merely another software developer.



TeamShare is one of the leading project and document management systems of today. Built on SharePoint, it is completely rewritten in the new version 4, focusing on aiding the users and simplifying their daily work routines, by supporting their workflows.


It also eases the sharing of knowledge and documents between users, while maintaining the security and stability required by most companies and public instances today.


ESS - Case and Document Management (Complaint handling) 

ESS is a system that organizations use to digitize their case management and document processing. It is particularly well suited to efficiently handle structured case history with several parties and hearings. 


The ESS can easily document all incidents recorded in a case historyIt meets all the needs formanagement information and are provided with easily accessible reporting facilities and a comprehensive statistical system.


It's easy to manage ESS and maintain data templates and user rights.


LTS - Logistics Trading Services

Logistics Trading Services (LTS) is a standard solution to facilitate the processes when importing and exporting goods or when using a (duty-free) bonded warehouse.

LTS supports the entire process from import of goods originating outside the EU, through any period of bonded storage to the dispatch, forwarding or export of goods to destinations inside/outside the EU or other relevant treaty countries.


You can read more about LTS here.



We help you make your existing business systems accessible across all mobile platforms and devices. Whether your needs are contact, branding, trading with customers, or mobile apps that will be used for internal use, Lector will tailor the optimal solution for you.


Partnering with us gives you increased flexibility and availability for your customers - so your services are available - anytime and anywhere. It also insures the optimal use of your business systems, due to our many years of experience in backend development and integrations for the financial sector, e-commerce and other industries.


At Lector, we also strive to learn new methods, but not without maintaining what works best. That’s why we use a combination of development technologies and techniques, such as agile development, Scrum and efficient project management and support.


Examples of Apps from Lector:

  • E-commerce platform
  • Sales Portal app
  • Customer Portal app
  • Intranet app
  • Presentation app
  • Information app
  • Documentation app
  • Christmas Calendar/Event app


Contact us for more information about these products here.






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