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LTS Inbound module handles inbound transports and converts these – where applicable – to import declarations.


Data from one or more sources may be handled simultaneously, and import declarations created in other systems, can also be imported via an LTS adaptor.


A Data Quality Manager (DQM) on the Inbound adaptor screens data for errors, and allows the user to make adjustments in order to ensure a quick and smooth import declaration process.


Financial data resulting from the import process is readily available for export.



Inbound overview


Transport Handler 

The Transport Handling module provides the user with the tools necessary for handling incoming transports before an import declaration is made.

The user can validate, split, merge or delete transports from the system.


Import Edit
The Import module converts transport data to an import declaration by combining it with master data in LTS.


The user interface is based loosely on the Single Administrative Document and supplemented with relative information regarding the import of goods.


Import Split

Import Split is used in connection with the handling of transit goods, when it is not possible to send all of the goods at one time.

The application allows the user to split an import declaration, closing the original customs reference and creating two new reference numbers through communicating with the customs Manifest system.


Import Utilities
Unlock release and archive.


Return Goods
Return goods exported to non-eu countries have normally a T1 status and therefore should be registered as bonded in order to save on duty and import VAT.

This application allows the user to re-import goods by converting a client invoice – either whole or partially – to and import declaration.


Samples Handler
The samples handler allows the user to declare goods where all data is not readily available.


These files are allowed to bypass the DQM regulations and enter the Inbound module.


Credit Note
The Credit Note module provides the user with functionality to make full use of all credit notes received pertaining to inbound goods, making it possible to instantly correct all underlying data and send a Correction Report to local Customs.


Inbound Reports

The Inbound module provides two standard reports:

  • Import valuation
  • Import declaration

Data Distribution
Both Inbound and Outbound modules provide data export via EDI.

A data collection is made in Raw XML and converted via a stylesheet to a format suitable for import by the receiver.


This can include everything from formatted mails to text files etc.etc.


Import existing declaration
Existing declarations generated in other systems can be imported to LTS using the XML standard.



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